Asset-based LTCi plans


  • Monthly benefits reimburse long-term care expenses. Certain plans offer unlimited lifetime benefits

  • Long-term care benefits, death benefit, and Return of Premium

  • Optional inflation protection rider can guarantee growth at 3% or 5% compound interest as cost of care increases.

  • Simplified underwriting consisting of a phone interview and Rx check. Rarely are exam or medical records needed.

  • Funds to cover various levels of care

    • Home health care
    • Respite care
    • Adult day care
    • Assisted living
    • Nursing home
    • Hospice services
    • Caregiver training
    • Care planning
    • Informal care

Eligibility Triggers

  • Certified as being chronically ill

  • Need assistance with at least 2 of 6 ADL’s

  • Require substantial supervision due to severe cognitive impairment (Alzheimer’s, Dementia, etc.)


  • Single premium up to 25 year level pay for certain plans

    • Funds can come from savings, CD’s, money market accounts, Mutual funds, existing life insurance and annuities, IRA’s, stocks and bonds.
    • Premiums and benefits are guaranteed. No future rate class increases.