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Preliminary Underwriting

An agent can quickly access multiple markets for reliable tentative offers. Victory will provide a report that will demonstrate to the retail end-user that the agent has searched the marketplace for the most favorable offer. Our goal is to put you, the producer, in the best possible position to make the sale each and every time. By putting all of our cards on the table, we are showing the client that you’ve taken the time and personal attention to their individual need and not just shown them a spreadsheet of premiums that might not be realistic or within reach due to their health condition(s).

Preliminary underwriting may seem like a waste of time but we have proven results that show this is well worth a few short minutes of your time. By getting the facts from your client up front, we almost eliminate the need for multiple submissions. No one wants to go back to their client 2-3 months from now to try and re-sell a 2nd or 3rd carrier to apply to (we’ve all done it and it is NO FUN).

Victory has come up with a revolutionary new process to help you collect underwriting information and get it to us much quicker and easier. From there, we impartially shop each case to our 25+ highly competitive life carriers. Usually within 48 hours, we have our full disclosure risk analysis back to you. We provide rates, quotes, underwriting insights and recommendations to help the seasoned producer to the occasional producer feel confident they are delivering the most accurate and realistic quotes to their clients. Our policy placement ratio is over 90% with this method.

Advanced Underwriting

Get access to advanced underwriters for help with complex estate and business planning cases.

  • Charitable giving
  • Wealth Transfer
  • Special needs planning
  • High Net Worth Foreign Nationals
  • Business Succession

Proactive Case Management

The case management system has been designed to push business through underwriting quickly and with little agent follow up. The agent is kept informed every step of the process. Our goal is to allow you to see more clients will still being up to date with all of your pending cases.

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