• So you think you’re immortal?

    If you think you are immortal? I beg to differ and so does the Social Security Administration. See the US Social Security Mortality Table 2013 Based on their table I’ve calculated some odds. Our clocks are always ticking. Male Age Odds you’ll be dead in 20 years Odds you be dead in 30 years 30 4.72% […]

  • Cash Value Life Insurance – is it a good deal?

    I have been involved with life insurance since 1981. When I started in the business I trusted my managers and believed all the good ‘stuff’ they told me about whole life insurance / cash value life insurance. They told me what a good long term investment it is.  It builds cash value on a tax […]

  • Alzheimer’s & Dementia | Alzheimer’s Association

    50 million people worldwide are living with Alzheimer’s and other types of dementias.  Alzheimer’s is a degenerative brain disease and the most common form of dementia.  #LongTermCare #EndALZ Source: Alzheimer’s & Dementia | Alzheimer’s Association

  • Alzheimer’s Awareness Includes Long-Term Care Awareness | ThinkAdvisor

    November is LTC Awareness Month making it a good time to have conversations about the impact Alzheimers and other diseases can have on retirement plans. Source: Alzheimer’s Awareness Includes Long-Term Care Awareness | ThinkAdvisor

  • Life Insurance for Someone with Skin Cancer

    Skin cancer and life insurance Many people with skin cancer think that it might be difficult getting affordable life insurance. Some people may have difficulty if their cancer has spread. Fortunately most people that have had skin cancer can get standard rates on their life insurance. The extra rating, if any, will depend on the […]

Victory insurance technology3

Simplify your Life Insurance sales

Industry leading technology:

  • Quote fast and accurately from your computer or smartphone

  • Intuitive, online impaired risk questionnaires

  • Lightning fast eLicensing in 5 minutes

  • Submit your cases online in 5 minutes or less

  • ePolicy delivery means in force faster and quicker commission payout

Proactive Case Management:

  • Underwriting requirements are automatically ordered for you

  • Real-time updates on your pending business

Exclusive Programs:

  • Turnkey automated leads program

  • Accelerated underwriting programs

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