• Adding Insult to Insulin: Can Diabetics Get Life Insurance?

    Diabetes What is Diabetes? Diabetes is a condition in which the body fails to produce enough insulin, or fails to process insulin normally. Can Diabetics get life insurance? Of course, however, there are some guidelines and restrictions as a result of secondary issues from irregular pancreas function. Insulin is normally produced in the pancreas. It […]

  • Get High and Secure: Life Insurance for Marijuana Users

    Life Insurance for Marijuana users According to new research from the NIH, over 22 million people smoke marijuana regularly. Now, more than ever, marijuana is becoming acceptable in everyday life and in government policy. For this reason, life insurance for marijuana users is becoming more prevalent. Marijuana users who refrained from seeking insurance in the […]

  • Life Insurance for Tobacco Users

    Life Insurance for Tobacco Users Basics Depending on the type of tobacco or nicotine you use, life insurance underwriting can vary drastically from carrier to carrier.  I’m talking about cigars, chewing and dipping tobacco, pipe, nicotine replacements (gums, patches, lozenges), and the newer E-cigarettes and vapor cigarettes.  There are a few carriers that are more relaxed […]

  • John Hancock Offers Apple Watch Series 3 to Vitality Life Insurance Customers for Just $25

    Source: John Hancock Offers Apple Watch Series 3 to Vitality Life Insurance Customers for Just $25

  • How to make a small fortune investing in life insurance

    Life Insurance as an Asset Life insurance companies have presented some permanent life insurance products as a “tax-advantaged asset class”. Do the ‘tax advantages’ of accumulating cash values outweigh the fees, expenses, and risks? First let’s take a look at the most promoted advantages: tax-deferred growth. tax deferred growth While it may be truthful to […]

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As a life insurance brokerage general agency, Victory Brokerage, Inc. helps independent agents write life, annuity, final expense, and disability income insurance.  Victory provides access to multiple markets for term, universal, and whole life.

Areas of expertise include:

Impaired Risk Life Insurance  |  Estate Conservation  |  Business Succession Planning  |  Business Loan Protection

Markets Served

Fully Underwriting Term and Permanent Plans

Final Expense

Impaired Risk

Online Tools

Quote Engine

Term quotes with a basic health analyzer

Drop Ticket Application

Five minute online case submission in lieu of a paper application

Impaired Risk Inquiry

Instantly submit mobile friendly, point-of-sale impairment specific questionnaire for the fastest tentative offers

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