• Cash Value Life Insurance – is it a good deal?

    Cash Value Life Insurance as an Investment “Cash value life insurance is a good long term investment” “Whole life insurance returns dividends in excess of seven percent” “Indexed universal life lets you accumulate money tax deferred and withdrawal at retirement time tax free” Truth or Hype  The downside details that are downplayed, not mentioned, or […]

  • Life Insurance for someone with hepatitis

    Can someone with hepatitis get life insurance?

  • Life Insurance for Someone Who Had a Heart Attack

    Heart attacks and life insurance Is it possible to get life insurance for someone that had a heart attack? There are now several life insurers that will make favorable offers: sometimes as good as a standard rate for life insurance. At it’s most basic, a heart attack (myocardial infarction) is when heart muscle cells become […]

  • Term Life – Is Price the Only Thing that Matters?

    Price matters, but is that all that matters? Consumers of term life make their buying decision based mainly on price, but there are a few other things to consider. With so many products similarly priced maybe consumers should look at the other features that might be important to them. Let’s look at a few features […]

  • Long Term Care and Chronic Illness Riders on Life Insurance

    Long Term Care and Chronic Illness Accelerated Benefit Riders What are these riders designed to do? These riders are designed to provide early access to the death benefit in the event that the insured is chronically ill or has severe cognitive problems. The idea is that the money can help pay for extra care.  The […]

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