Epilepsy and Seizures

SeizuresEpilepsy and seizures
Features associated with a poorer prognosis include seizures not well controlled with medication, poor compliance with their treatment plan, need for hospitalization or surgery, and continued use of alcohol in alcohol-related seizures.  Status epilepticus is a severe form of seizures that is characterized by frequent, generalized convulsions and failure to regain consciousness between attacks, which requires hospital admission.  Metabolic brain disease is a term used when systemic disease such as kidney failure, liver failure, electrolyte abnormality, or low blood sugar can cause brain dysfunction including seizures.  The life risk in these seizures depends on the underlying condition.


Condition Rating
Complex Partial Table 2-4; non-rated after 5 years
Simple Partial Within 2 years of last seizure, table 2; after 2 years standard


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