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Hepatitis and Liver Disorders

Hepatitis is a general term referring to inflammation of the liver. Because the symptoms can be mild, some people are not aware that they have had a bout of hepatitis. The liver enzymes (especially AST/SGOT and ALT/SGPT) tend to rise significantly.

Hepatitis A is usually transmitted through a food or water source. Most cases of Hepatitis A are self-limited and resolve spontaneously. Hepatitis A does not progress to chronic liver disease

Hepatitis C is inflammation of the liver due to a virus infection. Up to 15% of those infected have spontaneous recovery, and have no virus in their blood. The remaining 85% have chronic hepatitis C. Chronic viral hepatitis can lead to cirrhosis (end stage liver disease) in 25 years or can lead to liver cancer in 35 years. For these reasons, chronic hepatitis C is frequently declined for life insurance. Thanks to new medicine, Preferred is possible after antiviral treatment if there is no viral load, all liver function tests are normal, and liver fibrosis is mild.


Condition Rating
Age of onset 31-45 Table 4-8
Age of onset 46+ Table 2-8
Age of onset 50+ with good control Standard to table 3
After antiviral treatment if no viral load, LFTs are normal, liver fibrosis is mild possible Preferred


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