Impaired Life Insurance Cases – Is it worth the effort?

impaired-riskIs it too time consuming for insurance agents to handle impaired risk life insurance cases?

Some agents may say:

  • “I don’t know what to ask if someone has had a heart attack or some other health problem”
  • “Clients cannot afford it”
  • “It takes too long in underwriting”
  • “Even after I do all the work there is a good chance it still might get declined”

The argument makes sense unless you have worked out a system that puts underwriting knowledge instantly at your fingertips.

The old way of handling impaired life cases looked like this

It was a multi-step process that looked like this:

  1. Call your underwriter or brokerage agency (we’ll call them ‘your source’) to find out what information is needed to get tentative offers
  2. Your source emails you a questionnaire
  3. You call your client to collect the information
  4. You forward to information to your source
  5. Your source shops the case and forwards you offers and quotes

The new way of handling impaired life cases

Two steps to success:

  1. eSubmit your from your computer or mobile device an impairment specific questionnaire
  2. Recieve a report that includes the tentative offers and associated quotes
Learn how to handle impaired life insuarnce