Life Insurance for Someone with Cervical Cancer

Cervical CancerCervical cancer and life insurance says that cervical cancer was once one of the the most common causes of cancer cancer death for women. But over the last forty years the death rate has decreased by over 50%. This may primarily be due to to the widespread use of Pap Tests as a cancer screening tool.  A Pap smear is used to detect precancerous cells of the cervix. This is important because untreated precancerous cells could develop into cancer.

Typically doctors will remove or destroy for the abnormal precancerous cells. Treatments such as laser therapy and cryotherapy treat just the part of the cervix that contains abnormal cells. Hence, normal cells can then grow back in the place of the precancerous cells.

What is the treatment if it is not caught in the precancerous stage?

The treatment recommended will depend on the stage, and how far the cancer has spread. says that the earliest stages are treated with surgery or radiation combined with chemo. For later stages, radiation combined with chemo is usually the main treatment. And chemo by itself are used to treat the advanced stages.

What do life insurers want to know to offer a preliminary risk assessment?

Underwriters want to know:

  • dates of the diagnosis and of last treatment
  • the stage of the cancer is used to describe the size and location of the tumor, if it has spread to the lymph nodes, and if it has metastasized to other parts of the body
  • the type treatment
  • and if there was any recurrence


What is the expected rating for life insurance?

In situ and some stage I could be rated standard to flat extras

Stage II, III, IV would most likely be declined